ZiP General Guidelines

We want everyone to have a positive and enjoyable experience on ZiP and therefore we have in place the guidelines below to help ensure that ZiP remains a safe space for members to enjoy themselves. Please note that failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in you being suspended or banned from ZiP.

Have respect

People from all walks of life use ZiP and we couldn’t be happier about it. That means that we need you to respect other people’s religions, beliefs and interests when you use ZiP. We have a zero-tolerance policy to hate speech, misogyny, harassment, offensive behaviour and bullying. If you encounter anyone on ZiP who you feel isn’t following these guidelines then please report them to us. Remember - treat everyone with respect.

Don’t be a phony

Don’t post photos that are not of you and don’t pretend to be someone else. It’s just that simple.

No sexual content

Keep it clean - don’t post or share any sexual content, nudity or pornographic material.

No offensive content

We will not tolerate any illegal activity on ZiP. This could result in you not only being banned but also reported to the police or relevant authorities.

Under 18s

ZiP is for individuals aged 18 years old and above and therefore we do not allow photographs of unaccompanied children. If you want to post photos of your children, you must be in the photo as well. In addition, any children in your photos must be completely clothed. If you encounter a photo that does not adhere to these guidelines then please report it to us immediately.

Soliciting, scamming, spamming and prostitution.

We have a zero-tolerance policy to prostitution, trafficking and attempting to obtain our members’ private and financial information for fraudulent or illegal activity. Any attempts to do so will result in an immediate ban.

In addition, if you try to use your profile primarily to advertise your business or event, promote any other activity or direct members to external websites we may delete your account.